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The first Online Solo-Exhibition of Fu Lei started in April 2012. Today Digital Art Museum launched the first domestic online virtual exhibition that followed the similar procedures as physical exhibitions. The exhibition tried to use Internet as a medium to display artworks and challenge the traditional pattern of displaying artworks through a physical gallery. From the steps of the planning, the advertising, the design and the publication of the digital book in earlier stage to the final opening. The overall design of the exterior landscapes and the 3D virtual museum was completely beyond the physical references and it was designed by the curatorial team and the artist.

In May 2011, the first international digital exhibition “Virtual Venice”, which curated by the curator HUANG Du, was launched in Today Digital Art Museum during the 54th Venice Biennale and opened to the audiences around the world. The exhibition used the Chinese hall of the Venice Biennale as a model to create a digitalized exhibition. Through the keyboard and mouse, the audiences were able to view the artworks of YANG Qian, CHEN Wenling and ZHONG Biao, etc. Besides, the scenario environment was designed to be in night-time, which added a sense of mysteriousness.

In Dec. 2010, the artist ZHANG Xiaogang finished his important exhibition “16:9” in Today Art Museum. The exhibition showed an installation and some latest created paintings. Through these artworks, the artist continued his review of the historical memories and expressed his inner emotions. Today Digital Art Museum made a 1:1 digital record of this exhibition and intended to launch a digitalized exhibition of ZHANG Xiaogang with the same title “16:9”. All kinds of details such as the original positioning of the works, the sizes, the arrangements and even the light and shade were recorded completely. When the audiences were in the digital space, they could hardly distinguish between the real and virtual.

In Dec. 2009, the exhibition of artist LV Shun was launched in Today Art Museum, in which the large scale of sculpture “Banquet” was shown. The sculpture was full of animalistic aesthetic and features of absurdist. LV replaced the religious figures in the “The Last Supper” with a bunch of pigs. This sculpture later became one of the typical public artworks in the Beijing 22rt Art District. Today Digital Art Museum created a 3D digitalized exhibition of “Banquet” one year later, which consisted of the sculpture and some paintings. Besides, it especially recorded the voice introduction of professional broadcasters. Through the combination of keyboard and mouse, the audiences were able to view every detail of the artwork around the hall.

In Sep. 2009, Today Art Museum held an exhibition of the artist SUI Jianguo called “The Tension of Moving”. In the exhibition, there were two giant iron balls with the height of around 2.5m moving in the museum. However, during the preparing session, many creative thoughts could not be executed due to many limitations. In Nov. 2010, after more than a year’s preparation, the original thoughts of the artist could finally come true through the Today Digital Art Museum. This exhibition was like a multi-media work. When the audiences face the 3D digitalized space, the traditional pattern of viewing was broken and replaced with the medium of keyboard and mouse. Besides, the audiences were able to interact with the artworks like a video game.